Hydraulic-Pumping System

The maintenance challenges associated with pumping large volumes of proppant at high pressures and rates are an accepted part of day-to-day operations. Energy Recovery introduced the VorTeq hydraulic-pumping system, engineered to increase run time and reduce maintenance costs by rerouting abrasive fracturing fluid away from existing hydraulic-fracturing pumps. VorTeq reroutes proppant-filled fluid away from high-pressure pumps on fracturing sites so these pumps process only fresh water and therefore last significantly longer. VorTeq channels the abrasive fluids and sends them down the wellbore. The core of the VorTeq system is Energy Recovery’s pressure-exchanger technology, which is already in use in more than 15,000 desalination installations worldwide. The system handles up to 110 bbl/min, with a treating pressure up to 15,000 psi. The system is designed with only one moving part, and made from tungsten carbide, which is 1,000 times more abrasion-resistant than steel. With VorTeq, hydraulic-horsepower pumps will not be exposed to the abrasive-slurry mixture of proppant and water, the source of most maintenance issues.

Energy Recovery’s VorTeq hydraulic-pumping system extends the life of high-pressure pumps.


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