Portable Valve Actuator

Smith Flow Control’s EasiDrive portable valve actuator is specially designed for use with valves requiring a large number of turns or that are otherwise difficult to operate because of high torque or harsh-climate conditions. The operator has absolute control when opening and closing differently sized valves with varying torque requirements. One person can efficiently drive multiple valves with a single tool, reducing fatigue and risk of injury and resulting in major cost and time savings. This is a low-cost alternative to permanent actuators, with no permanent power supply required, and is suitable for all climatic conditions. Its reaction kit, which prevents a torque kickback, is especially useful because valve movement is always fully controlled, preventing operator injury and fatigue. In addition, the variable-torque-output feature, which prevents excessive torque being applied, ensures proper and safe valve operation at all times. EasiDrive can be powered by air, electricity, or battery.

EasiDrive valve-actuator systems from Smith Flow Control.



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