Gauge Hanger

Peak Well Systems introduced its Hi-Ex gauge hanger for the slickline deployment of data-acquisition devices through narrow constrictions in the well. Its slim yet highly expandable design minimizes flow restriction, enabling operators to record accurate data during production or injection conditions. The Hi-Ex is deployed during well testing and production monitoring and can also be used as an anchoring platform in nonmonobore wells. It comes in two chassis sizes, 2.200- and 3.600-in. outer diameter, and can be set in a range of tubing sizes from 4½ through 9⅝ in. The Hi-Ex is deployed from surface by use of Peak’s nonexplosive eSetting Tool. At the required depth in the well, the eSetting Tool activates and sets the Hi-Ex, expanding its arms and centralizing itself in the tubing. The Hi-Ex is anchored in the well by bidirectional slips. The hanger is retrieved with an external fishing-neck pulling tool. Once latched, light upward jarring unsets the device. The hanger can then be recovered to surface along with any gauges that may have been deployed.

The Hi-Ex gauge hanger from Peak Well Systems.



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