Drilling-Fluid System

Baker Hughes introduced its NSURE invert-emulsion-drilling-fluid system designed to address offshore and high-risk drilling operations better through its ability to exhibit an enhanced constant rheological profile across a range of temperatures and conditions. Compared with conventional systems in which the -fluid’s viscosity is dependent on temperature, NSURE retains constant and predictable properties across a wider range of temperatures. The NSURE system has the ability to bring greater control to fluid properties such as plastic viscosity, yield point, and gel strength across a wide range of densities, base oils, oil/water ratios, and contamination conditions. NSURE’s controlled rheology results in fluid properties ideal for better cement placement and reduces the risk of channeling while pumping. The controlled rheological properties also contribute to the ability to lower equivalent circulating densities, reducing pressure spikes when initiating circulation and ultimately taking pressure off the formation. This reduces the risk of fracturing the formation that could lead to lost circulation and nonproductive time. The NSURE system is also environmentally compliant across multiple markets worldwide.

Comparison of Baker Hughes’ NSURE drilling fluid, right, with conventional fluid, left, at 9°F.



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