Electronically Actuated Casing Packer

Baker Hughes released its Cytadel ZX electronically actuated casing packer, a gas-tight packer with an electronic trigger mechanism, used to provide a new level of wellbore integrity and reduce the risk of sustained-casing-pressure (SCP) -related blowouts. The Cytadel ZX packer forms a secondary mechanical pressure barrier above the primary cement job. The barrier eliminates gas migration and protects against dangerous SCP, even when downhole conditions compromise the sealing integrity of the casing cement. The downhole packer is built on a solid-body mandrel, eliminating ports and O-rings and the potential for gas migration through the mandrel. The foundation of the packer is the zero-extrusion ZX seal element, which has proved reliable in 99.5% of more than 40,000 applications. Finally, a unique modular electronic trigger mechanism, deployed and activated in one trip, eliminates the need for pressure or pipe manipulation to set the packer. Designed for both onshore and offshore applications, the packer is run as part of a long-string completion and is positioned to isolate the casing/casing annulus. After the cementing operation, the packer is actuated remotely from the surface when a unique signal activates the onboard electronics module. Once set, the packer provides an annular seal, creating a permanent gas-tight barrier.

The Cytadel ZX casing packer from Baker Hughes.



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