Crack-Resistant Hardband

Hardbanding Solutions introduced its noncracking Duraband NC, a hardband that offers 100% crack-free protection. Without the presence of cracks, high temperatures, steam, abrasives, and drilling fluids cannot penetrate into and underneath the hardband. High–pressure/high–temperature environments, sour gas, and highly deviated and geothermal wells can be hard on hardbanding and drillpipe tool joints. Common hardbanding products can suffer spalling and chipping caused by unwanted materials getting into and under the crack. This may require premature removal of the drillpipe for repair and reapplication of the hardband, adding cost to the drilling operation. The Duraband NC avoids these issues because of its microstructure, which consists of a hard tool-steel matrix with a high volume of tightly packed microconstituents. This combination ensures excellent wear resistance in openhole drilling and is casing friendly. In addition, the product can be applied directly over itself without removal or special preparation. Duraband NC also can be applied over most competitive hardband products without removal.


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