Ball-Activated Fracture Sleeve

TEAM Oil Tools’ ORIO XL, a ball-activated fracture sleeve used in multistage completions, allows operators the ability to fracture extended-reach horizontal wells in a more-efficient manner by stimulating one cluster at a time, ensuring that proppant reaches every cluster and increasing the possibility of greater production. ORIO XL is designed for 5.5-in. production casing and allows the completion of lateral wells in excess of 10,000 ft. In the past, the number of fracture sleeves that could be run was limited by the inherent design of the tool. In most cases, the maximum number of fracture sleeves that could be run in a wellbore was between 30 and 50. The ORIO XL allows for an almost unlimited number of sleeves to be run and opened individually because of the tool’s unique design. As an example, 90 sleeves can be run and opened individually with dissolvable balls ranging from 4.0 to 4.5 in. in diameter. The sleeve technology is not susceptible to cement contamination, erosion in fracture jobs, or premature shifting of the sleeve.

The ORIO XL ball-activated fracture sleeve from TEAM Oil Tools.



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