Artificial-Lift Plunger

Multi Products Company has introduced its new Steady-Flo plunger for wells that produce high volumes of fluid but lack sufficient gas energy to drive fluid evacuation. The Steady-Flo plunger incorporates a through-bore design that allows the plunger to find a hydrostatic equilibrium point in the wellbore by slipping fluid as the plunger rises. With this design, the Steady-Flo plunger uses the well’s available energy to produce an even amount of fluid on each plunger cycle. The through-bore design also helps ensure that the Steady-Flo plunger falls faster than conventional plungers, which decreases well shut-in time and increases the number of plunger runs per day. In a well in western Colorado, low reservoir pressure required the operator to inject compressed gas to effect fluid production. After installing the Steady-Flo plunger, the operator was able to eliminate compressor use. Fluid production stabilized at 45 B/D, and gas production increased by 120% to 220 Mcf/D. As an added benefit, the operator was able to reduce shut-in time from 60 to 28 minutes, which increased the daily plunger runs from 20 to 36.

Multi Products’ Steady-Flo artificial-lift plunger.



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