Flow-Assurance Insulation System

The Dow Chemical Company has introduced the Dow NEPTUNE Advanced Subsea-Flow-Assurance Insulation System. NEPTUNE P Insulation for line pipes and NEPTUNE F Insulation for field joints are now available for offshore flow-assurance applications. The NEPTUNE System was developed in response to requests from offshore operators for subsea flow-assurance protection from the harsh conditions encountered in the evolving offshore-production sector, including broader temperature ranges and higher pressures. The insulation’s tested physical properties include flexibility to –40°C, thermal stability at service temperatures up to at least 160°C, and a consistently low K-factor. While competitive line-pipe coating systems can require as many as seven layers, NEPTUNE Insulation has two: a robust and homogeneous layer of novel insulation over a proprietary fusion-bonded epoxy. This simplified system eliminates the need for multiple materials and adhesive tie layers, which reduces the potential risks associated with bonding dissimilar and potentially incompatible materials and contributes to a thinner coating profile. With components for coating line pipe, field joints, and subsea architecture, the complete NEPTUNE System protects assets from wellhead to delivery point.

A section of Dow Chemical’s NEPTUNE subsea flow-assurance insulation.



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