Remote Clamp-Installation System

T.D. Williamson’s Clamp Installation Tool (CIT) is a diverless, remotely controlled system for installing clamps or fittings on subsea pipelines. Typically, such pipelines require repair or must be prepared for tie-ins to new pipeline networks. The CIT is also used in conjunction with subsea hot-tapping operations required for these pipelines. The compact CIT is operated remotely through a laptop by an experienced technician onboard a diving support vessel or platform. As a result, operational safety is enhanced and control over clamp-installation operations is improved. Unlike other clamp-installation systems, the CIT is a remotely controlled tool that is operated by topside technicians, not divers, meaning that clamps can be installed (and subsea hot taps performed) in much deeper, or in very shallow, water. It can be configured to remotely install any third-party-supplied clamp or fitting. The clamp-installation process can be continuously viewed and monitored from a laptop in real time. The CIT can be used to install any type of proprietary clamp or fitting offered in the industry. Minor modifications of the installation frame are required in order to wrap around a supplied clamp or fitting. As a result, the CIT can be a requisite tool in any emergency pipeline repair system tool kit.

T.D. Williamson’s CIT, a diverless system for subsea clamp or fitting installation.



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