Energy-Converting Buoy

Ocean Power Technologies has launched its PowerBuoy technology into the global oil and gas sector. The PowerBuoy system, based on modular ocean-going buoys that capture and convert predictable wave energy into electricity, is capable of delivering energy from a few kW to several hundred kW, and has been deployed successfully in the US (Hawaii and New Jersey) and the UK. The Power-Buoy moves freely up and down with the rise and fall of waves. The resultant mechanical stroking is converted through a sophisticated power takeoff to drive an electrical generator. This power is then transmitted to external equipment by an underwater power cable, or directly to a payload integrated into the buoy’s structure. Potential applications for the PowerBuoy include unmanned-underwater-vehicle garages for permanent infield monitoring and inspection of assets, diesel replacement for energy generation on oil and gas platforms, environmental monitoring for pre- and post-deployment, real-time on-site field monitoring/sensing systems for 4D reservoir analysis and pre- and post-deployment surveys, and security cordons for offshore developments.

The PowerBuoy from Ocean Power Technologies converts wave energy into electricity.



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