Landing-String Slips

Weatherford’s LSS-1250 landing-string slips eliminate pipe crushing and safety hazards for high-capacity landing strings. The LSS-1250 grips landing strings or drillpipe during makeup or breakout, reducing pipe stress and the need for more-costly slip-proof pipe. Remotely operated from anywhere on the rig floor or from the driller’s cabin, the slip system also enhances rig safety. When installed with an integrated safety-interlock system, the LSS-1250 virtually eliminates dropped strings. Additionally, the fail-safe hydraulic circuit prevents the slips from unwanted opening or closing during hydraulic-pressure loss. The system is designed for extreme pipe loads of up to 1,250 tons, a limit that expands the threshold for tubular use in deep-water well construction. Even in extreme offshore weather conditions, the tool’s top and bottom guides center the pipe for reliable and repeatable slip sets. An automated lubrication system prevents sticking under heavy loads.

The LSS-1250 slip system from Weatherford.



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