Electrical Wellhead Outlet

AnTech Limited unveiled its new Type C, the smallest model in the company’s extensive range of wellhead outlets that continuously monitor downhole pressure and temperature in permanent completions (Fig. 1).The Type C uses a threaded wellhead connection in linking the downhole cable to the surface telemetry system and is attached to the wellhead to provide a safe connection between the cables and seal against downhole pressure. The configuration ensures that the integrity of the wellhead is maintained and electrical connections are secure, even if the downhole cable is flooded. The Type C uses pressure-testable cablehead technology that requires few connections to be made up. The Type C is certified for use in hazardous areas, meets with corrosion standards, and has been successfully pressure-tested in keeping with American Petroleum Institute requirements. It operates to 15,000 psi and in temperatures as high as 160°C. The Type C is available in models that are compatible with single, dual, and triple conductors, and can be supplied in ¼-in. configurations.

Fig. 1



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