Stimulation and Production Monitoring

SageRider has monitored horizontal wells in the Woodford shale with its SageWatch Subsurface Surveillance System (Fig. 4), a real-time stimulation and production monitoring system. The operator was able to monitor downhole pressure, temperature, and acoustics throughout completion of multiple offset wells and the monitor host well. The fiber-optic cable and quartz gauges were deployed external to the casing string of the host well and cemented into place, eliminating any internal restrictions in the casing string. Initially, two offset horizontal wells were completed and monitored by the host well. Once the offset wells were stimulated, the host well was completed and stimulated. Data was continually transmitted in real time to the surface during all three completions through a combination of fiber optics and pressure/temperature diagnostic equipment powered from the surface. The data frequency was controlled from the surface, which provided the operator the ability to record at rates as fast as one data set per second. The information was used by the operator to determine proper well spacing, maximize stimulation design, and monitor long-term production. The surveillance system design allows for simultaneous monitoring of as many points or zones as desired within a single wellbore—vertical or horizontal—with any size casing. The system has two installation methods. It can be installed on the outside of the casing, from where it can monitor reservoir activity only, internal casing activity only, or a combination of external and internal activity. This method is either cemented in place or run in conjunction with openhole packers to provide isolation between zones. The system can also be installed into an existing cased wellbore to monitor individual sections within the wellbore. Isolation for this method is accomplished through the use of hydraulic or swellable packers.

Fig. 4: SageRider’s SageWatch Subsurface Surveillance System.



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