New Dual-Deck Shale Shaker

M-I Swaco announced its MD-2 dual-deck shale shaker, a durable midrange shaker suitable for both onshore and offshore applications. The dual-deck shale shaker was developed using the proven design of the offshore-suited MD-3 ­triple-deck shaker and uses design elements from the onshore-suited Mongoose Pro shale shaker. In a field trial in south Texas, a 22-in. hole was drilled with two conventional shakers, but, because of capacity limitations, there was a low rate of penetration (ROP). To optimize the solids-control performance, one MD-2 shaker was provided, which processed drilling fluid at a rate of 658 gal/min, or more than twice the two conventional shakers combined. Additionally, the MD-2 shaker handled 100% of the flow throughout the top hole section, thereby maximizing flow rate and maintaining the desired ROP. The small footprint of the MD-2 makes it ideal for space-restricted onshore and offshore drilling rigs, where high-capacity separation efficiency and operational flexibility are needed (Fig. 7). In addition, the combination of the MD-2 shaker and Duraflo composite screens provides nearly double the capacity of a standard single-deck shaker.

Fig. 7: MD-2 dual-deck shale shaker from M-I Swaco.



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