Geosteering Solution

Scientific Drilling International has introduced its Sci-Steer geosteering solution, a combination of high-­performance technology, software, and expertise to deliver optimal wellbore placement. It combines the petrophysical response of the company’s downhole sensors and the interpreted geological environment. The technology targets increasing production by ensuring optimal reservoir contact. It also enhances drilling efficiency with the integration of downhole data with the 3D geological database, to minimize nonproductive time by enabling more-informed decisions. It allows remote operation from any location for real-time collaboration with specialists, and it ensures accurate data interpretation to help plan future wells. The technology can improve reservoir drainage and hydrocarbon recovery without affecting the long-term value of the field negatively. This value is delivered by use of information from multiple offset wells to generate a single integrated model, and updating the model and well path in real time as new geological data are gathered, thereby enabling structural maps to be updated in time to plan upcoming wells in the area.


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