Multiple Simulation Realizations

The latest release—Ver. 4.2—of ­Schlumberger’s MEPO multiple-­realization optimizer has several ­workflow-guidance measures designed to streamline the reservoir-engineering work process. These measures include a fully redesigned cycle panel presenting key information, the ability to set a cycle objective and simulator, and the ability to import input-parameter and base-case files automatically. Users benefit from a new simulation-control center (recommending the best optimization methods and direction), new response para­meters, and a result-image gallery. Improved sensitivity analysis (to define the influence of input parameters on response parameters) helps users decide which uncertainties to prioritize. New history-conditioned forecasting combines history matching and forecasting through improved proxy-modeling techniques and advanced Markov-chain Monte-Carlo-based workflows. The software automates and intelligently designs reservoir-simulation runs, helping users achieve faster more-reliable results from multiple realizations, and manage the analysis of tens of para­meters simultaneously. Users can optimize any reservoir model for any objective, including cumulative production, number of wells, net present value, injection volumes, gas lift, and enhanced oil recovery. Engineers can implement tightly integrated workflows driven by the optimizer with the Petrel E&P software platform, and the Eclipse and Intersect reservoir simulators.

Schlumberger’s MEPO software automates and intelligently designs reservoir-simulation runs to achieve faster more-reliable results from multiple realizations.



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