PDC Technology

Ulterra has introduced its CounterForce polycrystalline-diamond-compact (PDC) bit design that uses a cutter configuration that reduces bit torque and vibration to create more-efficient rock failure. The cutters of this patent-pending PDC-bit technology work together to decrease lateral vibration and increase crack propagation. The bit’s cutting structure is engineered to slice through rock while maintaining a more-consistent torque signature to increase stability and rate of penetration (ROP). This technology improves drilling efficiency and is being incorporated into many of the company’s PDC bit designs. Early field runs indicate that U519M bits, designed with this technology, drilled with improved tool-face control and higher sliding ROP. In the tangent drillout interval of an Eagle Ford field well, this bit technology set a rig ROP record, drilling 41% faster than the closest offset. In a Permian Basin Wolfcamp lateral, use of this bit technology enabled finishing the lateral with 42% faster ROP than direct offsets. This technology consistently reduces torque and vibration problems, and it improves directional performance.

Ulterra CounterForce PDC bit.



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