Measuring Gas Flow and Composition

Quantitech has launched its Voxtrac flowmeters that use in-pipe speed-of-sound gas-flow monitoring technology that can measure gas composition or purity. This measurement is not affected by the gas composition, temperature, density, viscosity, or pressure, and there is no obstruction at the measurement point. When the speed of sound in a gas is measured along the flow path in both directions simultaneously, the difference in the measured velocities is proportional to the gas velocity along the pipe. If the gas temperature is expected to fluctuate, an automatic compensation is applied. Measurements taken at 100 mbar are feasible, and flow rates between 0.01 and 288 m3/d are possible in pipes up to 200 mm in diameter. For qualitative monitoring of single gases, any change in the speed-of-sound measurement will indicate that the purity of the gas has changed. For mixtures of two gases, the speed of sound is a combination of the two main gas components, so there is a simple calculation to derive the proportion of each component.

Quantitech Voxtrac flowmeters use in-pipe speed-of-sound gas-flow monitoring technology.



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