Passive Fire Protection

Jotun has launched its Jotachar JF750 mesh-free passive fire-protection coating. This new coating can help owners, fabricators, and applicators save time, lower costs, and reduce risks compared with other coatings that require mesh reinforcement. The new coating has a fiber-matrix system incorporated in the material. This fire-protection coating has been independently fire tested to key industry standards, demonstrating structural fire protection for up to 3 hours. Steel sections and divisions are tested to the ISO 834/BS 476 Part 21 hydrocarbon curve, proving protection from hydrocarbon-pool fires. The coating also demonstrated jet-fire-protection performance without additional mesh reinforcement in the ISO 22899 test for up to 2 hours. This fire-protection coating also passed a 4-bar-blast overpressure test, without any need for additional reinforcing mesh. This fire-protection coating does not use boric acid, a potentially harmful substance often incorporated into coatings as a flame retardant.


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