HP/HT Liner-Top Packer

With standard service ratings up to 15,000 psi and 400°F, Weatherford’s SwageSet liner-top packer (Fig. 1) meets International Organization for Standardization 14310 standards and is V0 qualified, demonstrating its capability to withstand combined loading conditions while maintaining seal integrity. In high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) environments, this packer increases reliability with a patent-pending seal ­assembly that is swaged to the host casing. Run as part of a liner-hanger assembly, the packer element forms a permanent, antiextrusion seal between the liner outside wall and host-casing inside wall. The seal is formed by transferring set-down weight through the ­polished-bore receptacle and into the integral swage, firmly sealing the packer element against the host-casing inside wall. Setting force is permanently locked into the element with integral body-lock rings. The packer’s seal system consists of ridge-shaped elastomers bonded to an expandable-metal ring and is less susceptible to swabbing off than conventional, all-­elastomer elements when running in the hole or circulating at high flow rates during well-cleanup or cementing operations. The packer serves as a positive high-performance barrier at the liner top, preventing gas migration and isolating annular pressures.

Fig. 1: Weatherford’s SwageSet liner-top packer



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