Wellbore Power Generation

Robbins & Myers Energy Services Group offers the Moyno ElectroFlo generator (Fig. 2) that is powered by a positive-displacement-motor (PDM) downhole power section. The progressing-cavity rotor and elastomeric stator of the PDM power section have been field proved for handling entrained solids in drilling fluids. With a greater tolerance of lost-circulation material, the generator allows for much broader spectra of drilling ­fluids. With a slower rotation, the generator promotes a ­longer life than more-­traditional turbine-­driven generators. The generator is easily adaptable to different flow ranges. Most drilling operations incorporating measurement-while-drilling/logging-while-­drilling instrumentation require electrical power. Traditionally, lithium batteries have been used. This generator offers an alternative by generating the power downhole. As a lithium-­battery alternative, the generator is more environmentally friendly with enhanced safety. The generator provides high output of 200 W (7.1 A at 28 V). It provides great versatility in downhole-tool development, and it mitigates generator heating.

Fig. 2: Moyno ElectroFlo generator.



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