Variable-Speed Drive

Robbins & Myers Energy Services Group offers its Guardian II Variable-Speed Drive (VSD) (Fig. 6) technology as a digital solution for effective oil- and gas-well production control. Progressing-cavity-pump (PCP) applications can be very dynamic and can change in a manner of seconds. The VSD is designed to operate PCP systems in harsh conditions with maximum efficiency and flexibility. A PCP speed controller is integrated with the VSD to enable simple startup steps. The PCP speed controller was designed to minimize downtime and to provide the logic and control functionality needed to diagnose, prevent, adjust, and repair problems that may occur in the field without multiple trips to the site. Performance and production information is stored in a local (on-site) data repository that can be displayed in a browser-based user interface. These data can be used for analysis to determine if the action was correct or if any operational parameters need to be adjusted. Pump optimization is implemented in the system to maximize the available production while maximizing pump life. Several downhole- and surface-sensor systems integrate with the system.

Fig. 6: Robbins & Myers Energy Services’ Guardian II VSD.



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