Fail-Safe-Closed Safety Valve

The Baker Hughes REACH Performance, Extreme Performance, and Ultra Performance surface-controlled subsurface safety valves (SCSSVs) are for deep-set wells, deep water, and extreme high-pressure/high-temperature applications surpassing 10,000 psi and 350°F. These valves can be set as deep as 20,000 ft, and ensure fail-safe-closed operation through the use of heavy-spring closure technology that eliminates the need for a nitrogen charge. Tubing pressure is isolated from the control system, enabling the valve to be opened at much lower operating pressures, reducing the cost of umbilicals in some applications. Because the valves can be operated at a low operating pressure, they are suitable for applications with low-opening-pressure limitations such as subsea completions or where supply-pressure capability is limited. The slim outside diameter of the valves allows control-line bypass and smaller-casing programs. 100% metal-to-metal sealing technology ensures containment of wellbore fluids when the valve is closed and provides gas-tight sealing in harsh environments, providing a high-tensile-strength rating for the valve.


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