Asset-Management Mobile Application

Retriever Communications introduced its new enterprise mobile application, Barking for Assets, for field force in the energy sector that is designed to increase efficiency and reliability of critical asset management. Barking for Assets is an advanced field-application technology that empowers field operations, in coordination with engineering, in the delivery of asset care, offering an alternative to approaches that focus exclusively on centralized planning that often does not reflect on-site realities. It is a mobile app that integrates directly into multiple enterprise systems, simultaneously including enterprise-asset-management systems and engineering-planning systems. It supports employees who handle the planning and field operations within a company to reduce unexpected downtime, and serves as a single solution configurable to field and plant processes. Retriever’s mobile solutions work in 3G, 4G, and WiFi environments, as well as in limited and no-wireless-coverage areas. Many leading asset-management companies are investing in technology to support and automate reliability-focused maintenance. Barking for Assets uses a multitier task template, providing the flexibility, visibility, control, and resource management necessary to capture valuable data, improve operational efficiency, and manage assets safely and proactively in the field.

Screenshot from Retriever Communications’ Barking for Assets asset-management mobile application.



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