Dual-Vacuum Sludge Pump

For its new-generation drills, Conrad Stanen has chosen the BV100 sludge pump from BBA Pumps. With the BV auto-prime sludge-pump range, BBA Pumps offers a series of ­vacuum-assisted centrifugal pumps for use with abrasive liquids. These are specially designed for the pumping of drilling sludges and bentonite in order to meet the toughest pump jobs. Using high-efficiency pumps and state-of-the-art diesel engines, the pumps offer maximum performance at minimal cost. The BV range of pumps has been designed with a clear focus on reliability and durability. Featuring a 100% mechanical priming system, the BV series pumps quickly prime and reprime, even from dry conditions. The heavy-build style of both pump and frame make the BV range perfect for use in the strenuous drilling market. The pumps are constructed of steel-welded materials for high wear resistance and feature the MP100 oil-spill-free priming system. A floating box on the suction spool is easy to clean, and large inspection covers allow easy access.

BBA Pumps’ BV100 dual-vacuum sludge pumps are designed for difficult pumping jobs.


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