Subsea Connector

Ametek has expanded its portfolio of high-pressure, high-temperature (HP/HT) connectors with the addition of its latest Elite Series Wet-Mate connector. The three-channel connector is designed to operate reliably in the extreme environments found in subsea and downhole oil and gas applications. The HP/HT connector is just 15.8 mm in diameter and has been functionally tested to 1034 bar and temperatures as high as 150°C. The Elite Series Wet-Mate connectors feature a distinctive, patented design in which concentric contacts are individually sealed within pressure-balanced, oil-filled plug-and-receptacle connector housings. The sealed receptacle with its concentric contacts features an oil-filled primary chamber to prevent water ingress. Each electrical band is protected further within an individual secondary oil-filled chamber when mated. All chambers have individual seals, so that the failure of any one seal does not compromise the connector’s overall integrity. A central female pin, axially displaceable in the central passage, prevents water ingress or loss of oil when the connector is not mated. A main insulated plug core with contact bands on the connector displaces the female pin during the mating process. The plug core is protected by an outer sleeve that covers the contacts in the oil-filled chamber.

The Elite Series Wet-Mate HP/HT connector from Ametek.


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