Completion Drill Bit

Superior Drilling Products introduced the OrBIT completion drill bit. The OrBIT has a bidirectional-cutting-disk design with no ball-bearing race system and uses circulating fluid for lubrication. This allows the OrBIT to handle more weight and to drill up to 100 composite plugs with one bit. With its active cutting structure, the bidirectional disks also create more work during each rotation than typical mills. OrBIT’s carbide cutting structure grinds plugs into small pieces so they can be circulated out of the lateral easier, which in turn, reduces wiper trips. The cutting disks allow the OrBIT to easily roll through wellheads, liner tops, and deviations, as well as prolong motor life. The bit is ported for annular-velocity circulation and includes back-reaming cutters.

The OrBIT completion drill bit from Superior Drilling Products features a bidirectional-cutting-disk design.


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