Custody-Transfer Configurator Tool

Valin introduced its new lease automatic-custody-transfer (LACT) configurator tool. This new software-application tool assists customers in LACT specification, quotes, component data, and reference documentation. The configurator gives customers the flexibility to develop the right solution for their specified application. The software uses a graphic interface to guide the user through a selection process requiring the user to enter basic information about the requirements of their specific application. After gathering this information, the configurator application is able to provide a solution to match the user’s needs and provide an instant quote. Valin’s LACT units measure fluids in lease-gathering operations to ensure accurate custody transfers. The units use pumps, flowmeters, and other instruments to measure volume, determine oil quality, and sample oil produced. These units perform the basic functions of transferring oil to the truck, pipeline, or other tank storage while monitoring and sampling the amount of sediment and water in the oil. The units also eliminate air or gas from the liquid, measure the volume of liquid going through the unit, and maintain constant backpressure and flow rate, all while operating automatically or semiautomatically.

A screenshot of Valin’s LACT application.


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