Marine-Management Software

Advanced Logistics launched updated versions of its satellite-assisted marine-management (SAMM) and preventive-maintenance (Preventer) software packages as well as its comprehensive, Web-based logistics-management suite of applications. The latest versions of SAMM and Preventer allow a vessel to generate numerous operational reports onboard and transmit the data to shore in a real-time environment. Software improvements include enhanced data transmission and informative built-in instructional tools with a number of additional notifications, making the application more intuitive. The new Logistics Management Suite works alongside SAMM software to allow all advanced-logistics applications used by both marine and exploration-and-production companies to interact or operate independently. The Web-based suite’s family of applications includes (1) SAMMPremier, an application that assists exploration-and-production operators by providing data to produce various management reports; (2) VoyagePro, a shore-based management tool that assists with voyage planning, project and transportation tracking, charter management, asset scheduling, and shore-based cost tracking; (3) ezTRAC.Manifesting, a tool that tracks and records material and personnel movements; and (4) Land Transportation Management, an application that schedules and creates dispatches for land transportation. The revitalized suite allows for centralized management, project reporting, scheduling, and improved asset management through a collaborative Web-based environment.


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