Digital Well-Construction Planning Solution

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Schlumberger introduced the DrillPlan digital well-construction planning solution. The solution is part of a fully integrated well-construction offering that transforms planning and execution performance, and enhances the efficiency and quality of every well drilled. The solution has been developed with a focus on enhancing user collaboration and providing a new way of working for drilling teams. Operators and service companies have access to all the data and science needed in a single, common system—creating a circular workflow where plans are improved as new data is added, enabling future drilling programs to benefit from previous experience. The solution will leverage the digital technologies of the Microsoft Azure and the Azure Stack hybrid cloud solution. Interoperability with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams will empower new levels of collaboration among teams and stakeholders, enabling increases in productivity. This solution demonstrated both quality and efficiency gains while generating hundreds of plans through more than 1 year of field testing in various locations. In West Texas and Canada, seven oil and gas companies extensively evaluated the solution, customizing it to their well-construction process. The DrillPlan solution delivered well-planning programs in days rather than weeks.

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The DrillPlan well-construction-planning solution from Schlumberger delivers quicker and better-quality drilling programs through the automation of repetitive tasks and validation of end-to-end workflows.


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