Directional-Drilling-Guidance System

The Nabors Rigwatch Navigator directional-drilling-guidance -system automates the directional-drilling decision-making process with sophisticated data-driven algorithms improving efficiency and accuracy while reducing variability. The system collects surface and measurement-while-drilling survey data and uses them in conjunction with other sources of information, including the well plan; known drilling constraints caused by formations; operator best practices; bottomhole-assembly, motor output, and rotary tendencies; and geosteering inputs and corrections to compute potential trajectories to drill ahead. Rigwatch Navigator then selects the optimal path to keep the well within a prescribed window around a well plan while keeping well tortuosity to a minimum. On the basis of the optimal path, instructions are automatically generated to the driller to rotate or slide. The 3D visualizations allow the driller to see the actual and projected well paths relative to the well plan.

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