Automated Pipe-Makeup and Connection-Evaluation System 

Weatherford introduced the AutoTong system, featuring AutoEvaluate connection-makeup software. The technology automates pipe makeup and provides autonomous connection evaluation. With the AutoTong system, the final pipe-makeup process is initiated with the push of a button. The system autonomously determines the appropriate connection parameters on the basis of the pipe and thread criteria specified by the original equipment manufacturer. Providing complete control throughout the final makeup sequence, the system continuously monitors the torque and adjusts the rotational speed of the casing to achieve the optimal torque value. The integrated AutoEvaluate software automatically evaluates the connection quality on the basis of high-resolution data and does not require a joint-makeup analyst to interpret the data. By eliminating the element of human error from the physical makeup and connection-validation processes, the AutoTong system increases the safety and efficiency of well-construction operations.

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Weatherford’s AutoTong Automated Pipe-Makeup and Connection-Evaluation System increases the safety and efficiency of well-construction operations.



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