SPE Recognizes Outstanding Technical Editors

Every year, SPE recognizes members who have made an exceptional effort to ensure the technical excellence of the Society’s peer-reviewed journals. For their contributions, the following individuals are recipients of the 2017 Outstanding Technical Editor Award.

SPE Drilling & Completion
Roman Bulgachev,
Aker BP
Oscar Contreras, Chevron
John M. Cook, Schlumberger
David A. Curry, Baker Hughes
Matthew Goodine, BP
Oliver Han, Titan/Hunting
Ergun Kuru, University of Alberta
Moray L. Laing, Halliburton
Frederic J. Santarelli, Geomec
Steven J. Sawaryn, Consultant
Jibin Shi, Schlumberger
Todd A. Zahacy, C-FER Technologies

SPE Economics & Management
Amin Ettehadtavakkol, Texas Tech University
Warren J. Hahn, University of Texas at Austin
Liyong Li, Chevron
Mike Poscente, CPP Environmental
Brian H. Putt, Decision Analysis Consultant
Andres Yrigoyen, Frontender

SPE Journal
Luis F. Ayala, Pennsylvania State University
Subhash C. Ayirala, Saudi Arabian Oil
Buping Bao, Consultant
Bergit Brattekås, University of Bergen
Bailian Chen, University of Tulsa
Nikita Chugunov, Schlumberger
Yildiray Cinar, Saudi Aramco
Zhiqiang Fan, University of Texas at Austin
Yi Fang, Pennsylvania State University
Wayne W. Frenier, Consultant
Guohua Gao, Shell
Paul S. Hammond, Schlumberger
Jan-Dirk Jansen, Delft University of Technology
Robert G. Jeffrey, SCT Operations
Russell T. Johns, Pennsylvania State University
C. Shah Kabir, Consultant
Amrit Kalra, Shell
Saeid Khorsandi, University of Wyoming
Michael J. King, Texas A&M University
Anthony R. Kovscek, Stanford University
Cornelis Kuijvenhoven, Shell Global Solutions
Xin Liu, Shell
Sahil Malhotra, Chevron
Bradley T. Mallison, Chevron
Clarence A. Miller, Rice University
Kishore K. Mohanty, University of Texas at Austin
Ryosuke Okuno, University of Texas at Austin
Mohan K. Panga, Schlumberger
Alejandro Quieruga, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Alireza Rangriz Shokri, University of Alberta
Enrique A. Reyes, Halliburton
Albert C. Reynolds, University of Tulsa
Meghdad Roshanfekr, BP
Tibi Sorop, Shell Global Solutions
Yunhui Tan, Chevron
Nikos Varotsis, Technical University of Crete
Ashwin Venkatraman, Shell
Torbjørn Vrålstad, SINTEF
Dongmei Wang, University of North Dakota
Shugang Wang, Chevron
Yixuan Wang, Shell
Guoyin Zhang, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Xi Zhang, CSIRO Petroleum
Nan Zhao, ConocoPhillips

SPE Production & Operations
Stephen A. Baumgartner, Marathon Oil
Frank F. Chang, Saudi Aramco
James N. Collins, Principal Development Engineer
Luud Dorrestijn, LEET
Wayne W. Frenier, Consultant
Michael J. Fuller, Chevron
Jose A. Gamboa, Chevron
Donald G. Hill, Nalco and Schlumberger
Sahil Malhotra, Chevron
Oiu Okpani, Chevron Nigeria
Amit K. Singh, Chevron
Greg B. Stephenson, ConocoPhillips

SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering
Kaveh Ahmadi, Pometis Technology
Anil K. Ambastha, Chevron
Subhash C. Ayirala, Saudi Arabian Oil
Reza Barati, University of Kansas
Clarke Bean, Chevron
Mark Bentley, AGR
Steffen Berg, Shell Global Solutions
Yuguang Chen, Chevron
Eric Delamaide, IFP Technologies Canada
Ming Gu, West Virginia University
Bikai Jin, Texas A&M University
Alan Johnson, Integrated Petrophysical Solutions
Xiangdong Liang, Aramco Services
Gavin Longmuir, Consulting Petroleum Engineers
Hassan Mahani, Shell
Jitendra Mohan, Chevron
Myeong Noh, Chevron
William O’Brien, Nitec
Ryosuke Okuno, University of Texas at Austin
Rajagopal S. Raghavan, retired, ConocoPhillips
Jorge Sanchez-Ramirez, BHP Billiton
Mark L. Schrader, Chevron
Jianlei Sun, Texas A&M University
Sezai Ucan, YPF
Johan van Dorp, Enske Energy
Eric Vosburgh, Apache

SPE Honors Peer Reviewers of Technical Papers

SPE created A Peer Apart in 2007 to recognize dedicated individuals who have been involved in the peer review of 100 or more papers. Members who commit their time to peer review papers make substantial contributions to the industry’s literature by helping to ensure that the papers published in SPE’s technical journals are of the highest quality. Over time, these individuals volunteer hundreds of hours to the Society, making SPE journals a valuable resource for the industry.

In 2017, 12 individuals joined the elite group, bringing the total membership of A Peer Apart to 161 dedicated members.

Stephen W. Almond, Steve Almond Consulting
Subhash C. Ayirala, Saudi Aramco
Stephen A. Baumgartner, Marathon Oil
Reidar B. Bratvold, University of Stavanger
Michael G. Edwards, Swansea University
Mehdi M. Honarpour, BHP Billiton
Richard D. Hutchins, Gel Solutions
Gavin Longmuir, Consulting Petroleum Engineers
Joao Carlos R. Placido, Petrobras
Elizabeth J. Spiteri, Bluecrest Alaska Operating
Shugang Wang, Chevron
Ding Zhu, Texas A&M University


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