Oilfield Combustor

The IES 96-02 Enclosed Combustor is designed not only to reach the highest waste-gas-destruction efficiencies but also to prioritize operator safety and ease of maintenance. The company’s line of 96-in. stack diameter combustors has been tested to greater than 99% destruction efficiency, and meets guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency’s New Source Performance Standard 40, Code of Federal Regulation 60, Subpart OOOO. Three panels containing 12, 32-in.-diameter flame cells are hinged, opening to the outside, allowing for easy external cleaning, maintenance, and inspection. The large air cells maximize air flow into the combustion zone, creating an efficient combustion reaction and mitigating harmful emissions. All main components are removable and accessible from the outside of the combustor to eliminate the need for confined-space-entry permits. The IES proprietary burner rails and orifices, integrated knockout pots, and air/fuel-mixing designs are modular. The combustor features a high turndown ratio of greater than 10:1. Multiple separate inlets allow for flexible configurations including high- and low-pressure applications. IES combustors are currently used at major production facilities in multiple basins.

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IES’ 96-02 Enclosed Combustor provides modular construction and ease of maintenance.



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