Friction Reducer

The ThinFrac MP friction reducer from BJ Services is a special synthetic copolymer for enhanced proppant transport and suspension. Designed for use in slickwater, hybrid, and foam-fracturing operations, the polymer provides rapid hydration in 8 to 10 seconds in cold water, developing instantaneous viscosity, reducing pipe friction pressure, and delivering the proppant to the fractures when and where it is required. A key feature of the enhanced polymer is the precision breaking at engineered oxidizable linkages along its backbone. Conventional friction reducers are polymers with carbon-carbon backbones, which are difficult to break and may cause some formation damage. The structure of this engineered friction reducer allows for a clean, efficient break with little to no formation or proppant pack damage. No residue polymer or polymer fragments are deposited on the fracture face or in the proppant pack to affect hydrocarbon production. ThinFrac MP is part of the company’s family of friction reducers that improve proppant transport and reduce friction to create large, complex fracture networks.

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The ThinFrac MP friction reducer from BJ Services provides rapid hydration, enhances proppant transport, and breaks precisely.



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