Remote Support Software System

Weatherford’s AccuView ­collaboration software transmits secure, real-time information between personnel on the platform rig and remotely located experts involved with production. The software system facilitates real-time analysis of foot-by-foot performance. It has been used to execute casing exits in more than 140 wells to date and has achieved a single-trip casing exit in all but one case. Recently, AccuView enabled the successful execution of a shallow-angle casing exit on Sakhalin Island, Russia, using its real-time remote support system. In the months leading up to the operation, Weatherford tested and verified all communications (including wired, wireless, and satellite transmissions) between the rig and operational support centers. Establishing a secure channel of communication was crucial in enabling real-time collaboration during the casing exit, which was achieved in a single trip. Weatherford anticipates further deployments of the AccuView system in Russia for various well-construction and completion operations, including casing exits, fishing, and liner-hanger installations.

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The AccuView system from Weatherford supports real-time collaboration between the rig and offsite experts by securely transmitting key operational data.



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