Dual-Purpose Winch

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Ingersoll Rand introduced its dual-purpose winch that uses different operating modes to safely lift equipment and people, saving rig operators space on the floor. The winch is the capstone of the Hydraulic Force Series, the winch portfolio developed specifically for land rigs. Land-rig manufacturers and operators understand the safety benefit of having a man-rider winch in addition to a utility winch, but limited space on land rigs has made operating two winches an unrealistic option. The dual-purpose winch keeps workers at the end of the line safe at all times. Its primary hydraulic gear motor is rated to lift up to 12,000 lbs while in utility mode and 350 lbs in man-riding mode. The winch’s two separate motors, combined with a proprietary locking mechanism, drive the winch, enabling it to shift between equipment and personnel lifting. In case of an emergency, a two-way valve with lever enables a quick shutdown of the system. In addition, if the rig were to lose power, the winch can be connected to an auxiliary hydraulic system to support the safe lowering of the worker or load on the end of the wire. Additional features include separate control levers and a mode selector, an overload-prevention valve, and redundant braking systems.

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