Zone-Isolation Technology

GEODynamics introduced the EVOLV+FracTrap Zone Isolation System. The technology provides both ball-retrieval and composite-plug technology in one tool that delivers risk-free, ball-on-seat, plug-and-perf isolation solutions to operators. This combination makes water and time savings possible by eliminating traditional risks with the additional benefit that operators can test casing pressure before perforating operations. The technology is optimized for the entire life cycle and prevents presets, allowing for indefinite hold time under pressure. Depending upon well-completion requirements, the system is available in either composite or cast-iron slip models. The system’s water- and time-­saving technology allows the ball to be conveyed down with the perforating equipment to mitigate the risk of costly intervention should an unforeseen event prevent injection into the well. The method of pumping the ball-on-seat is a proved time-saving technique; however, until now, the method bore a considerable cost risk should injection failures occur. The system’s patented setting adapter and ball-retrieval technology reduces this risk. The overall economic benefit of the technology varies depending upon several factors, such as size of casing, length of lateral, and whether the ball is being pumped from surface or only along the lateral. Modeling software is used to estimate job savings on the basis of detailed input specific to the well’s construction.

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The EVOLV+FracTrap Zone Isolation System from GEODynamics delivers risk-free, ball-on-seat, plug-and-perf isolation solutions.



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