Well-Barrier-Integrity Software

The Wellbarrier Illustration Tool is a web-based digital application that produces well-barrier schematics in a lean, user-friendly way, providing stakeholders a clear and common understanding of how to safeguard and maintain the integrity of their wells. The application helps engineers working under pressure and restricted time to plan and manage their wells accurately throughout the entire life cycle, from planning to abandonment. The tool helps users to create consistent well-barrier illustrations in a matter of minutes instead of hours. The repository is designed for users to know where to find the latest and most-accurate well information in minimal time. Engineers of different disciplines can use the same repository, so there is an inherent quality-assurance function through active use. The cloud-based tool embraces the two-barrier philosophy as a core component of well-integrity standards. Well-barrier diagrams, well-control action sheets, well schematics, and well-barrier pressure plot alignment and sequence drawings are made available by the tool.

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Well-barrier schematics and sequence drawings are available in the Wellbarrier Illustration Tool.



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