Rig Audit Management System

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As in other sectors of the oil and gas industry, the greater adoption and effective use of enhanced digitalization in the rig inspection and audit market are delivering significant benefits and a reduction in risk to what has been traditionally a labor-intensive, manual, and time-consuming process. Aberdeen Drilling Consultants’ Technical Rig Audit Management System (TRAMS) aligns the benefits of digitalization with the inspection and analysis of several hundred rigs of varying designs and specifications including land rigs, jack-ups, semisubmersibles, and drillships. The system captures and analyzes the findings from every rig inspection the company has carried out over the past 10 years. Studying such data allows for the targeting of known areas of risk through the undertaking of trend analysis using information such as the background of the drilling contractor, the rig type, design or age, the operational status, maintenance history, equipment and systems assessment, crew competency, ability to comply with regional legislation, and geographic location where the rig was stacked. Use of data to identify nonconformance trends allows for the optimization of time on board for each rig option so that a fully transparent and consistent inspection can be conducted. Furthermore, during multiple rig-selection surveys, digitalization of the process can provide the operator with a relatively quick, holistic, and comparative analysis of the rigs, underpinned by the potential technical and financial risk of each option. Upon completion of each rig visit, a report on the suitability of the specific rig for the planned operations is undertaken, before then comparing all rig options on suitability and potential risk on the basis of the inspection’s findings. With a thorough overview of the rig, the operator is able to identify the potential for equipment or systems failure and establish an accurate assessment of spares requirements.

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