Wireless Infrared Gas Detector

Draeger introduced the GasSecure GS01, a wireless infrared (IR) gas detector to detect the presence of flammable gases and warn operators of the risk of explosion. Built into a compact stainless-steel enclosure, the device is designed for service in hazardous areas. The GS01 uses single-beam triple-wavelength IR technology for fast gas detection with low power consumption. The small integrated battery pack enables 2 years of continuous operation. The detector also has lifelong zero-point stability so that it never needs to be calibrated in the field. Wireless communication is based on the International Society of Automation’s (ISA) open ISA100.11a protocol for industrial automation to simplify integration with commercially available wireless access points. The GS01 ­creates value for the customer with reduced installation cost and time, reliable IR operation, and calibration-free design. The GS01 is a flexible and cost-efficient solution for plant expansions, revamps, upgrades, and new greenfield projects. Applications include oil and gas production platforms, storage tank farms, petrochemical plants and refineries, gas terminals and processing plants, production and storage vessels, and oil and gas exploration rigs.

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