Reciprocating Pump Suction Booster

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Saltwater injection and disposal sites often do not have high enough tank levels to provide the required suction head to a reciprocating pump, a situation that can damage the pump, piping, and accessories. Though centrifugal charge pumps are often recommended to provide adequate suction pressure, adding additional equipment to the system can increase maintenance-related costs and downtime. National Oilwell Varco (NOV) introduced the reciprocating pump suction booster to its portfolio of production equipment and technologies to address this issue. The pump suction booster is a cost-effective alternative to centrifugal charge pumps that increases suction pressure and pump efficiency while minimizing system complexity. The pump suction booster has reduced cavitation and pump vibration and experiences less downtime when it is necessary to replace worn expendables. No moving parts means minimal maintenance is necessary, and durable construction ensures longevity.


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