Casing-Exit Software and Consulting Service

The QuickCut Pro service from Weatherford enables reliable, precise casing-exit operations by combining field-proven downhole tools, the AccuView real-time downhole-data-gathering system, and support from experienced subject-­matter experts. The QuickCut casing-exit system offers operational flexibility with multiple anchor options for either high- or low-side casing exits, making it suited for any type of casing in any environment and for a wide range of operations. The AccuView system securely captures and transmits real-time data to the field operator on the rig floor and, simultaneously, to Weatherford technical experts off-site to facilitate a precise casing-exit angle and placement through effective communication. The system displays casing exits on a foot-by-foot basis, similar to directional-drilling software, thereby improving accuracy and helping the entire team to see the big picture. The data-gathering system can also calculate hypothetical scenarios on the basis of real-time well data, such as rate of penetration, pressure, and flow rate, which enables forecasting and comprehensive planning for any contingencies before they happen, effectively managing risk for clients. The real-time communication and consultation aspects of the service bring together field and support experience and expertise, providing reliability, shaving off nonproductive time, and reducing the number of milling trips. This service greatly increases the probability of a ­single-trip casing exit.

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The QuickCut Pro service from Weatherford increases the probability of a single-trip casing exit.


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