Bucking Machine

The ComCAM-20/160-SL bucking machine from Weatherford enables fully rotational, high-torque makeup and breakout operations of tubulars. It can be controlled remotely, which enhances safety by reducing the number of personnel and avoiding manual tubular handling. The open-head design enables side loading to minimize space requirements. With only three sets of easily interchangeable clamping jaws, the machine reduces the number of required jaw changes and enhances operational efficiency. It can reverse from makeup to breakout mode instantly, and the gripping force can be adjusted on the basis of tubular material. During makeup or breakout, the free-floating backup system design compensates for bending and shearing forces to reduce strain. The bucking machine can be used for all types of tubulars, including premium connections, with diameters ranging from 4.5 to 22 in. It is capable of generating torque up to 160,000 lbf-ft. According to ATEX regulations, the system can operate safely in Zone-2 hazardous areas. This unit operates in conjunction with a Weatherford integrated pipe-transport system, and the combined equipment is compact enough to fit within limited pipe deck space. The machine is compatible with the company’s TorkPro3 torque/turns analyzing software, which records, analyzes, and evaluates data from premium connections in real time.

Weatherford’s ComCAM-20/160-SL bucking machine.


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