Dissolvable Fracturing Ball

Phenom’s patent-pending Wraith Frac Ball is a metallic dissolvable fracturing ball designed to provide zone-successive isolation for fracturing plugs, fracturing sleeves, and static-isolation subs. Its high shear strength allows it to maintain integrity and isolation during high-pressure fracturing. The Wraith Frac Ball dissolves at controllable and predictable rates, to allow production from all treated zones. Cast and machined from an aluminum base, the Wraith Frac Ball’s high shear strength is suited for high-pressure/high-temperature applications and horizontal and extended-reach operations. The Wraith Frac Ball requires only exposure to fresh, salt, or produced water at temperatures greater than 100°F to begin dissolving; however, faster dissolve rates may be achieved through the addition of corrosive fluids or an increase in temperature. Phenom has developed an empirically proven equation that accurately and reliably predicts the dissolve rate of the Wraith Frac Ball in water on the basis of its (compound and physical) properties and specific bottomhole temperatures. Phenom offers two versions of the Wraith Frac Ball, solid and hollow, each currently available in five different formulations to accommodate a variety of operator requirements.

The Wraith Frac Ball dissolvable fracturing ball from Phenom.


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