Mature-Asset Solution

The Baker Hughes DeclineShift solution for mature assets is designed to help operators get the most out of their mature assets through a focus on maximizing capital efficiency and returns; expertise to design a customized plan and to execute it precisely and surgically in the field; and an innovative technology portfolio that offers advanced, integrated production-characterization and -enhancement solutions. The resulting fit-for-purpose solution is engineered to ensure minimal disruption, downtime, and footprint—and increased returns. When building a DeclineShift solution for a particular asset, Baker Hughes takes an individual approach, focusing on the asset profile and the operator’s objectives and drivers. Each solution begins with close examination of the areas that have the greatest effect on each operator’s bottom line. This examination can range from individual-well diagnostics to full-field analyses, and focuses on three primary challenges: optimizing production from existing wells, maximizing revenue from production, and increasing recoverable resources. By use of accurate asset profiling and root-cause analysis of decreasing performance, Baker Hughes designs efficient, integrated solutions to maximize immediate and long-term value. Because each solution is engineered in a precise manner, most require only a small wellsite footprint and can be designed to address multiple challenges in a single operation.

Each DeclineShift solution is developed with a collaborative approach, leveraging the operator’s asset expertise and Baker Hughes’ broad technology portfolio and application knowledge, to deliver fast, high-impact results.


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