Remote Switch Actuator

CBS ArcSafe produced the RSA-12A, a custom-built remote switch actuator that operates all styles of Westinghouse/Cutler-Hammer DS/DSL power circuit breakers. The actuator is designed to operate on equipment with manual or electric charging mechanisms and is compatible with all manufacturers and sizes of DS breakers without any modification to the breaker. When accompanied by an applicable CBS ArcSafe remote switch operator control unit, the actuator provides remote (charge, close, and open) operation from up to 300 ft away from the equipment. The actuators are attached to the enclosure using magnets that ship with the unit and are designed for the specific circuit breaker or switch. Each remote switch actuator offers adjustable fittings and magnetic latching configurations that allow technicians to adapt to different configurations of the power circuit breakers without any modifications to the existing breaker or switchgear.

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