Diesel Genset

Three Cat 3516B heavy duty diesel generators, made by Caterpillar Oil and Gas, have been installed on what is expected to be Russia’s largest offshore oil and gas platform. The generator sets (gensets) will provide essential and emergency power for the Arctic fixed platform. Each genset can provide 2,000 electrical kW at 1,500 rev/min (50 Hz) of rated power. Essential gensets provide a safe source of power for the drilling process in case of main power failure. Emergency gensets provide power for the operators’ living accommodations and other safety features if the main power is lost. The diesel generators can be interchanged in service to cover the emergency and essential loads as required by power demand. The packages are customized for offshore service and severe seismic  requirements, and include auxiliary systems necessary for climate control, dual black-start capabilities at low temperatures and snow conditions,  and control, monitoring, and protection systems.

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