Subsea Flow Assurance Insulation

The Dow Neptune advanced subsea flow assurance insulation system, a winner of a 2013 OTC Spotlight on New Technology award, was developed in direct response to requests from offshore operators for subsea flow assurance protection from the harsh conditions encountered in deeper water, including broader temperature ranges and higher pressures. The system eliminates the need for multiple materials and adhesive tie layers by using a homogenous layer of novel insulation over a proprietary fusion-bonded epoxy. This helps to reduce the risks associated with bonding dissimilar and potentially incompatible materials, contributes to a thinner coating profile, and maintains a consistent low K-factor from tree to line pipe to field joint, the company said. The system maintains its physical properties in extreme conditions, including flexibility down to -40˚F and thermal stability at service temperatures up to at least 320˚F.

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